A/V Compression Therapy Pumps

Compression Pumps (i.e. DVT Pumps, AV Pumps, Lymphadema Pumps, Circulation Pumps, Plexi-Pulse, etc.) are used to increase venous and lymphatic circulation in the body. They help prevent DVT's (blod clots). They also can be used to control edema (swelling) and venous stacis ulcers. Venous circulation can also benefit the post-surgical healing process.

Compression therapy must be prescribed by a physician. All of our pumps inflate two garments simutaneously (can be used with one garment if desired).  Use of these pumps requires a Dr's Prescription.

New Hospital Grade Sequential Pump
New Syncro Sequential Pump
Hospital Grade with very affordable garments!

Hospital Grade Models:
  • Synchro Sequential Pump $1895
Synchro Sequential

  The Synchro pump works with "intelligent" connectors on our garments. These connectors synchronize the pump to provide the proper sequential compression therapy with the garment being used. This eliminates the knobs and pressure adjustments found on competitive pumps and garments. Garment pressures are pre-set to 40-60 mmHg for Calf or Thigh and 120 mmHg for the foot garments. The Synchro pump also recognizes when only one garment is attached, automatically adjusting the therapy. This eliminates the need to use a full pair of garments or a "plug" for unilateral applications making the Synchro system extremely flexible and simple to use. The system provides a sequential pressure wave moving proximally through all three chambers of the garments in 30 seconds. This pressure wave is then relieved for 45 seconds, allowing capillary and venous refill.

Synchro Garments available:

3 Chambered Garments Made of PVC with Nylon outerwear and Velcro straps. Pricing shown is for regular sizes. Extra large sizes are available at slightly higher pricing. The Synchro compression garments are finished inside and out with a soft velour fabric which provides increased patient comfort. Our two-piece thigh length garment helps eliminate material from around the knee, thus allowing greater air flow to the area and more comfortable knee flexion. Our foot compression system works sequentially with a soft massaging action. Many patients find our garments more comfortable than competitive models using high pressure foot compressions.
  1. Foot 3 Chamber Garment 12 Pairs $1086 MSRP     Foot
  2. Calf 3 Chamber Garment 12 Pairs $697.53 MSRP  calf  
  3. Full Leg Calf/Thigh Garment 12 Prs $1038 MSRP    Thigh Garment  

Home Use Models:

Multi pumps are similar to these older presssion pumps.

  • Standard Presssion 4331: 
Uses single chambered blue garments below or 3 chamber garments. Adjustable pressure with digital meter 30-100 mmHg. 72 Sec inflate, 18 sec deflate. Quiet cyclone pump.


  • Sequential Presssion 4333:
    Clinical grade. Use with 3  chambered blue garments below. Adjustable pressure 30-100 mmHg. Therapy timer 15-120 minutes. Seperate adjustable inflate and deflate settings


  • Presssion Standard Garments  (sold each, order 2 for a pair) $106.50 foot, $115.50 Calf, Full Leg $174.50-195.50 each SRP. Arm also available.                

  • Presssion Sequential Garments (sold each, order 2 for a pair) $210-380 ea MSRP                              

  • FlowTron Intermittent HC

        Increases Venous and lymphatic flow. Patented Console™ garments are designed for maximum comfort. Soft and pliable. Prevents pinching or chafing. Full length zippers for ease of use. Lightweight, portable pump with adjustable pressure control. Cycle time preset at 90 seconds for inflation and 90 seconds for deflation. Soft and pliable, Huntleigh’s patented garments are available in a variety of sizes to meet virtually every patient’s need and are designed to prevent pinching and chafing. Full-length zippers make Console garments easy to put on and take off.

  • FlowPress Sequential HC AC300

 Patented Console™ PVC garments are designed for maximum comfort. Soft and pliable. Prevents pinching or chafing. Full length zippers for ease of use. Lightweight, portable pump distributes air sequentially to three garment chambers.  Single pressure control. Ideal for home use. Employing sequential pressure to the affected limb, this device is used to increase blood flow and circulation in patients who suffer from edema, venous insufficiency and venous ulcers. Preset cycle time.

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