Biomet® OrthoPak® Non-invasive Bone Growth Stimulator System


Clinically Effective

  • Heal rates as high as 83.3%1
  • 60% improvement over placebo in a double-blind study
  • More than 25 years of physician use
  • 75% of Biomet customers are repeat prescribers

Scientifically Proven

  • Pre-clinical studies have shown that Capacitive Coupling causes significantly higher levels of cellular proliferation than other electrical stimulation technologies
  • In vitro pre-clinical studies have shown upregulation of multiple BMPs in as little as 30 minutes of exposure with optimal upregulation at 24 hours of exposure

Cost Efficient

  • According to a published, peer-reviewed study, electrical stimulation was shown to be more cost efficient when compared to no stimulation or LIPUS for the treatment of nonunions

Patient Compliance

  • Smallest and lightest bone growth stimulation device on the market, designed with active patients in mind
  • Compliance monitoring, educational resources and Biomet Alerts program

*FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER: In support of their research for or preparation of this work, one or more of the authors may have received, in any one year, outside funding or grants from Biomet, EBI, LLC or Biolectron, Inc.

The Biomet® OrthoPak® Non-invasive Bone Growth Stimulator System is indicated for the treatment of an established nonunion acquired secondary to trauma, excluding vertebrae and all flat bones, where the width of the nonunion defect is less than one-half the width of the bone to be treated. A nonunion is considered to be established when the fracture site shows no visible progressive signs of healing – P850022/S017.

All OrthoPak® Bone Growth Stimulator Systems are designed to deliver 270 days of continuous therapeutic treatment for 24 hours per day. The recommended daily therapeutic treatment is continuous for 24 hours. Federal Law (U.S.A.) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Rx Only – Prescription Only – Single Patient Use Only – Do Not Reuse.

The use of these device systems is contraindicated if the individual has synovial pseudarthrosis.

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