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Continuous Passive Motion is our specialty!

C.P.M. is a proven modality used to reduce pain and edema (swelling), increase/maintain range of motion, help prevent adhesions, contractures (muscle/joint stiffness) and DVTs (blood clots in veins that can block blood flow), minimize hospital stays and improves home Physical Therapy visits. Continuous passive motion also promotes faster and more productive cartilage and soft tissue healing.

Overall, the patient will experience less pain, has more productive Physical Therapy visits, returns to normal daily activities faster, saves money from otherwise lengthy hospital stays and helps avoid possible costly corrective surgery procedures in the future, such as a manipulation.

Daily CPM therapy provides hours of Passive range of motion which allows the patient or the patient's Physical Therapist to focus on more effective Active range of motion strengthening excercises during their limited visit. Typical CPM protocol calls for at least 6-8 hours of treatment per day for 4-6 weeks for a Total Knee surgery or 2-4 weeks for Ligament damage, Fractures or Meniscal injuries.



CPM is used after surgery in the hospital and at home. All insurance companies pay for a Home CPM rental with a physicians order. Medicare pays up to 21 days from date of surgery for home CPM for total knee replacements or revisions. Other CPM devices for the hand, shoulder, or elbow are usually covered on a case by case basis.


We wholesale CPM devices and CPM Pads to medical facilities anywhere in the USA. We sell most all brands. We have over 10 years of experience with every CPM ever manufactured in the world. Consult with us for all your CPM  needs! Email Hayley for a quote - include facility name, fax, phone, quantity and type of devices needed. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Company Checks by Fax or certified funds.

We have CPM pad kits manufactured for all CPM devices. Email Hayley for a quote - include facility name, fax, phone, quantity and items needed.


  • Artromot* K1 Knee or Hip CPM:

    A must have for ACL or Manipulation patients. Semi-Anatomical design and extremely durable for facilities or rental programs. Range of Motion:  -10 to 120 degrees. Lightest knee CPM on the market (23 lbs). 38 inches long. Wide low-profile, closed-base frame for stability. Single screw drive (less alignment issues). Reversible foot plate for short leg or youth. Calf Length Range - 10-22". Thigh Length Range - 12-19". On-board power supply. Only 95 parts in the entire device compared to 242 in the K3! 4 easy push-button dials: speed, pause, extension and flexion. Big, bright display. Patient lock-out feature. Accommodates patients height of 4' to 6.6' (1.2m – 2m). 2-year manufacturer warranty!


  • S&N Kinetec Spectra Knee CPM:

    Semi-Anatomical Design. Perfect for all surgery types. 2 Yr Warranty. Other Kinetec CPM units are also available.


  • Kinetec* Maestra PORTABLE HAND CPM:

    (New version of the 8091). Anatomical design. Fast set-up. ROM: -15 to 270 degrees. Up to 15 minutes of pause at extension and flexion limits provides a controlled stretch and rest period. Speed (-15 to 270 back to -15): Minimum is 1–2 minutes, Maximum is 5–30 seconds. The finger wraps can be applied and removed quickly, and their non-skid surface doesn’t leave sticky residue behind. Anatomically shaped drive bars enhance abduction and adduction of the web spaces as the joints are being mobilized. Easy to apply splint. Splint is reusable, just apply another splint cover for next use. Easy on and off gloves can also be used instead of finger wraps. Easy to use hand held digital controller. Adjustable force strength. Under 1 pound. Comes with carry case. Two year factory warranty.

    INDICATIONS (i.e.): Hand CPM therapy is indicated for the treatment and prevention of intra-articular adhesions, extra-articular contractures and excessive post-operative swelling. Indications include the following: Open reduction and rigid internal fixation of intra-articular diathyseal and metaphyeal fractures of the phalanges, Capsulotomy, arthrolysis and tenolysis for post-traumatic stiffness of MCP and PIP joints, Crush injuries, Flexor and extensor tendon synovectomies, Flexor and extensor tendon tenolysis, Prosthetic replacement of MCP and PIP joints.


  • Kinetec* Centura Shoulder CPM:

    ROM: Extension/Flexion: 20-180 degrees. Adduction/Abduction: 20-160, Internal/External Rotation 30-90. Synchronized Abduction and Rotation: 20-160 degrees. Synchronized Internal/External Rotation: 30-90 degrees. Fits Patient Heights From 4’2” to 6’6” (1.3-2m) tall. 5 speeds from 30 degrees/minute to 120 degrees/minute. Weight 50 lb. Dimensions(Set-up position): Length: 27”, Width: 27", Height: 35”. Anatomical motion Increases patient compliance and decrease joint stress. Provides increased patient comfort. Color-coded components enable quick assembling/disassembling and right/left change. Quick adjustment features enable easy and quick patient set-up. Transport handle and wheels make it simple to move around. Controlled synchronized motion ensures patient safety. Hand control limits access if needed, allows the patient to change only the ROM limits. Patient lock-out switch Prevents accidental program change and potential patient injury. Program mode feature: ability to pre-program sixteen protocols. Built-in hour meter discreetly monitors patient’s compliance. Manual set-up mode. Adjustable speed: 5 speeds available for precise therapy options. Adjustable force. Easy-to-set adjustable reverse on load feature; machine reverses when excess force is exerted on the joint. Programmable pause increases efficiency of therapy by prolonging stretch to muscle group. 24-month limited warranty .


  • Artromot* S3 SHOULDER CPM:

    Hand Control: easy-to-use with patient chip card storing individual treatment data, including patient compliance monitor.
    Conversion: patented easy-to-convert technique for left and right shoulder treatment.
    Physiological motion: fully synchronized motors and individual set up of all treatment parameters.
    Ergonomic Design- Armrest for the opposite arm and an adjustable patient chair.
    Easy Transport - Easily folds down. Large transport wheels, compact dimensions and light weight, for the rental or hospital environment.
    Range of motion (ROM): Adduction/Abduction 0 - 30 - 175°, Internal/External Rotation 90- 0 - 90°, Extension/Flexion 0 - 30 - 175°, Vertical Add/Abd 0-0-125°.
    Complete Weight is 55 lb. Dimensions 37.4 x 20.8 x 25.1 in.

    INDICATIONS (i.e.): Rotator cuff repair, Decompression operation, Acromioplasty, Arthrotomy, Arthroscopy, Mobilization under narcosis, Stable fractures and osteosynthesis, Total shoulder replacements.


  • Artromot* E2 Elbow CPM:

    The most advanced Elbow CPM on the market! ROM: Extension/flexion -5°to 140°, Pronation/supination -90°to 90°. Reverse on load adjustable. 0-30 sec pause. 0-100% speed adjustable. 1-300 timer option. Weight 35 lb. New digital display similar to knee cpm controller! Very comfortable. Can focus on just flexion/extension or it can do both at the same time in sync mode. Easy to set and operate. Very portable. Currently the most comfortable and up to date Elbow CPM available!

    INDICATIONS (i.e.): Arthrotomy, Arthroscopy procedures in combination with synovectomy, arthrolysis Operatively treated fractures and pseudarthroses, Stable osteosynthesis, Total joint replacement, Operatively treated biceps tendon reconstruction, Operations on soft tissue in joint area.


  • Artromot* SP2-2M Ankle CPM:

    ROM: Dorsi/plantar flexion 40°-0°-60°. Inversion/eversion 40°-0°-20° . Weight 24.25 lbs. Dimensions 22 x 18.5 x 28.4 in.
    INDICATIONS (i.e.): Operatively treated fractures and pseudarthroses, Stable osteosynthesis, Operatively treated cartilage defects, Operations on soft tissue in joint area, Achilles tendon reconstruction, Reconstruction operations on tendons and ligaments.


    CPM Contraindications/Precautions: CPM should not be used in the presence of untreated or uncontrolled infection, unstable fractures or spastic paralysis. A properly fitted CPM has no adverse side effects if operated properly. Always follow your Doctors instructions on the use of any CPM.

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