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Cryo Therapy:
Cryo Ice Units are used to reduce pain and edema. They are likely to be used just after surgery or injury. Cryo Therapy must be prescribed by a Doctor.

Our featured Iso-Tube Cryo Unit is the most advanced machine available. See details below.

We also have the more familiar bladder-pad type cryo unit. Also check out our portable non-electric cryo therapy unit below.


We sell Cryo devices and Pads to medical facilities anywhere in the country. Call 208-785-4595 for a quote.


  • Iso-Tube Unit:

    The Iso-Tube Cryotherapy system (see picture at top right) is designed to be the ultimate solution to many inherent problems associated with other cold therapy systems...(bladders, ice packs and bags, for example). It provides maximum patient comfort, while eliminating pain and swelling. The use of IsoComforter's patented system facilitates shorter hospital stays, and speedier recovery time.

    This unit is engineered to maintain the desired global temperature of 55 to 57 degrees Farenheit, while producing the deep cold penetration, often necessary for desired vasoconstriction. No temperature controls are necessary.

    It allows air circulation between the contact surfaces, and produces a high water flow of approximately 400 gallons per hour, so that heat transfer away from the affected area is an extraordinary 50 times greater than with other systems!

    The special contact ridges of the Iso Tube provide much-needed air circulation, which virtually eliminates condensation, and greatly increases heat transfer away from the injured area. Less condensation also helps prevent infection of incicisions.

    This type of pad can be wrapped tightly as many physicians prefer after surgery. In other type of pads, like the bladder pad, this usually restricts the water flow and comprimises therapy.

    IsoComforter was founded almost a decade ago by Imad Mahawili, Ph.D. Its use by doctors, hospitals, and patients, has been steadily increasing.

    FDA registered
    Made in USA
    Environmentally safe
    No messy icebag
    Safe & easy to transport


  • Standard Bladder-Pad Unit:

    Similar to picture at top right, but has the smaller standardized connectors for the thin bladder type of cryo pad. Can be ordered with or without bladder pad. Other bladder-pad brands can be used as well (i.e. Don Joy, Bregg, etc).


  • Portable (Non-Electric) Polar Cub Cryo/Compression Unit:

    Portable unit circulates ice-water around the joint using a hand pump. Pump water through pad when more cold is needed. NO POWER REQUIRED. Great for traveling or working patients. Polar Pad applies directly to skin and adds some compression benefits.

    Polar Wrapon Pads with velcro strap(s) (no ace or compression wrap required to apply) available: Knee, Ankle, Back, Shoulder and Multi Use.

    Polar Compression pads (no velcro straps, compression bandage needed to apply) available: Multi Use (as shown in photo above).


  • Gel Ice Wraps are available through us as well. Check out the FlexiPac Therma-Wrap on page 7 in the catalog link below. Flexipacs can be put in the freezer for cold or microwaved for heat. Available for most joints or body areas.

    To view this catalog CLICK HERE. It is in .pdf format. Email or call for discount pricing on any product in this catalog.


    Cryo-Therapy is prescribed by your doctor. Follow the directions given by your Doctor on how to apply and use Cryo-Therapy.

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